Unleash Your Courage and Create Your Personal Roadmap

Unleash Your Courage and Create Your Personal Roadmap

Every year about this time my husband gets out his trusty yellow legal pad filled with goals he has set for himself. Like clockwork, he reviews his progress over the last 12 months. He has been doing this for over 25 years. He has 25 years worth of yellow legal pads to prove it!

I love watching him review the list and proudly summarizing all the things he hoped to do that he actually got done! He has found a process that works for him and he sticks to it like religion!

I mention this because for years he has encouraged me to do the same. Those who know me well may be shocked to learn, in spite of my type A personality, I do not go through such a formalized process. For so many years my goal was simply to get through the hour, the day, the week, the month, and the year. You know the drill! While it has always worked well for me, I am considering rethinking this strategy.

There is great value in the discipline of formulating personal goals…. creating your personal “yellow legal pad.” Such discipline creates Personal Roadmap for you to follow throughout the year. After all, if you don’t know where you are going, any old road will take you there. The problem with this strategy…..you may wake up one day and wonder how you got to where you are and discover it is not all where you intended to be!

Getting started…… Step one in the process of course is taking the time to reflect and identify your goals. Step two becomes execution of the plan!
Unleash Your Courage and Create Your Personal Roadmap.

Creating the goals is the easy part. Achieving them seems to be more challenging for most of us. Myself included. Interruptions of daily life have a way of taking over. Before we know it, another year has gone by and we are back to reviewing our goals wondering where all the time went!

So what is the best plan to get from point A to point B? A roadmap, MapQuest, or GPS they all work well for any road trip. Why not treat your journey to achieving your goal(s) like a road trip?

Outline the steps that must be completed to get you there just like you would chart your trip route.

1. Identification your destination (goal(s), vision, or desired outcome)
2. Set a target date for each
3. Hold yourself accountable.

It is that simple!

Start with a blank yellow legal pad, your electronic organizer, or post it notes. Whatever works for you! If you are a visual person try creating a Vision Board! They are amazing tools and wonderful visual reminders to help you remain focused on the journey!

Give it try this year and see how productive your 2012 can be!

Some simple tips that may help you reach the end of this year having fully accomplished exactly what you set out to:

– Be clear about your goal. Don’t take on an unreasonable number of goals. Remember, Rome was not built in a day!

– Breakdown big goals into to smaller benchmark goals – Remember “baby steps” can go a long way!

– KEEP THEM VISIBLE. They must be someplace that you can see them every day and keep them top of mind. Making them visible pushes you to re-commit yourself each and every day. Without true commitment they become simply “things you would like to get around to” verses “things you will get accomplished”.

– Review your progress regularly. Revise and regroup if need be.

– Progress is not by happenstance… it takes your active engagement and focus to make the things you want happen! Plan the work and work the plan. You can do it!

Parting comments… New Year’s resolutions are just as much about reflecting on past as they are about planning for the future. Such reflections, successes and/or setbacks, are what help us to formulate our plans for the future.

Two steps forward, one step backward….it’s all good. Just keep moving forward and you will achieve all the success to aspire to!
Unleash Your Courage and Create Your Personal Roadmap.